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Welcome to South Texas Sinus Institute

South Texas Sinus Institute provides both medical and surgical management of disorders of the ears, nose, and throat. We perform a full range of ENT procedures on both children and adults in the Edinburg and San Antonio areas. While our San Antonio location focuses on the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure, the Rio Grande Valley ENT location offers a variety of sinus, throat, ear, and sleep treatments.

The STSI staff members, doctors, and clinicians are experts in the ENT field who have undergone extensive training. Each of our qualified doctors are board certified in otolaryngology. Our practice is committed to delivering comprehensive, patient-centered evaluation and treatment for all ENT problems. Tots, teens, and adults alike will be examined with the utmost attention to detail and treated with compassion and concern.

At your first appointment, one of our experienced doctors will sit down with you to learn more about your specific ailment. After doing a thorough examination and history mark up, your STSI doctor will form a specific treatment plan catered to your needs. If you have been suffering from chronic sinusitis, ear infections, sleep apnea, or a variety of other ear, nose, or throat issues, South Texas Sinus Institute is here to help you find relief.

Balloon Sinuplasty

South Texas Sinus Institute offers Balloon Sinuplasty, a safe and effective procedure for those seeking relief from uncomfortable and painful sinusitis symptoms. Balloon sinuplasty has been a turning point when it comes to offering sinusitis relief. In the past, many individuals had to opt for invasive surgery with a prolonged healing time. Today, there are many patients who qualify for Balloon Sinuplasty to find sinusitis relief.

What exactly is Balloon Sinuplasty? It is a non-invasive procedure that institutes a small, balloon catheter to expand and clear swollen passageways. Many Balloon Sinuplasty procedures can be performed right here in our South Texas Sinus Institute office. In fact, Dr. Honrubia has performed over 2,000 Balloon Sinuplasty procedures, and he is the founder of the Balloon Sinuplasty with the Honrubia Technique.

Sleeping Disorders

Do you suffer from sleep apnea, chronic snoring, or another sleeping ailment? STSI understands that having a restful nights sleep is extremely important, especially when it comes to work and other daily activities. Our specialists can properly diagnose and create a treatment plan to treat your sleeping disorder.

Ear & Throat Disorders

Many adults and children suffer from chronic ear infections, recurrent sore throats, tinnitus, and a variety of other ear or throat disorders. Infections and vertigo issues in the ear canal may completely throw off one’s balance, often leading to nausea and dizziness. Tonsillitis or vocal nodules can be extremely painful and must be treated. STSI can help you find relief from your ear or throat disorder.

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